Wolf Mountain Vineyards

Alexa + Luke BallardWolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery is a stunning, award-winning winery, located less than 60 miles from downtown Atlanta, Ga., in the North Georgia Mountains.

Often compared to wineries in Napa, our hillside vineyards, fieldstone-encased winery, and hospitality facilities are the perfect setting for enjoying our award-winning, handcrafted wines, a Vineyard wedding, a Wolf Mountain Sunday brunch, a Café lunch, or one of our famed gourmet dinners.


Wolf Mountain Vineyards was established in 1999, with the preparation of our 30-acre estate for grape growing. In 2000, the vines were planted by hand, and construction on the winery began. We finished building the now 10,000 sq. ft., gravity flow winery in spring 2001. That fall, we offered our first vintage from our locally sourced grapes, producing approximately 1000 cases of wine.

Our first harvest at Wolf Mountain was fall 2002. We opened to the public in early spring 2003, selling out of our first vintage in only eight months. During our second season, we expanded our program, continued to grow, and focused on creating the highest quality of Georgia-produced wines.

Because of our labor-intensive protocols, our wine production will remain limited with some vintages selling out quickly. Thanks to the support of our loyal patrons, we have exceeded a 5,000 case annual production.

We invite you to visit Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery. Come taste the quality of our wines and enjoy one of our exciting events. But most importantly, don’t miss out on this year’s vintage.