About GA/FWA

The Mission of the Georgia Fine Wine Alliance is:

(i) To heighten the awareness of the high quality premium and ultra-premium wines grown and produced by its Members; and

(ii) To promote and market the special quality of Member grown and produced wines as distinctly different from wines produced by other Georgia Wineries.

Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Frogtown Cellars, the Founding Members of the Alliance, are dedicated to producing Great Wine from wine grapes farmed on the Dahlonega Plateau, a unique viticultural area at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeast Georgia. Throughout the World, it is the identified sense of “Place” that sets wine-growing regions apart from one another. GA/FWA Member wines produced from grapes farmed on the geographically significant Dahlonega Plateau impart a distinctively unique character bridging “New World” fruity styled wines with “Old World” complex elegantly food friendly styled wines.

To accomplish its Mission, Alliance Members are committed and required to bottle wines under a “Georgia Appellation” only when such wines are produced from 100% Georgia farmed wine grapes. Should Alliance Members make wine containing fruit grown outside the State of Georgia, such wines are bottled and labeled with an “American” Appellation.

All wines produced by Alliance Members are made to compete with premium and ultra premium wines produced anywhere in the World. Alliance Members do not just say they make premium and ultra premium wines; Members seek affirmation of the quality of their wines as premium and ultra premium from the most qualified and recognized judges in the United States. Members are required to submit their wines to the rigors of competing against the best wines produced anywhere in the world at the most prestigious and challenging California Wine competitions.

Each year Alliance Members spend considerable time and expense to enter wines in such Major California Wine Competitions. It is the Medal Awards, particularly wines made from 100% Georgia grown fruit, at these Major United States Competitions; that provides Alliance Members the required imprimatur that sets such wines apart from other Georgia Wineries.