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Thank you for creating a fabulous wedding…

Linda, Lindsey, and Wolf Mountain Staff,

Dave and I would like to thank you for creating a fabulous wedding for Carrie and Jesse. We can not begin to tell you how wonderful everything was…from the ceremony to the food…it was perfect!! We greatly appreciate your assistance and all you have done to make this day even more special. All of our guest were so impressed with the winery and how everything was so well planned and beautiful.

This day exceeded our greatest expectations, thanks to all of you.

With fondness and appreciation,
Beth Melton

Thanks again for a perfect wedding experience!

Lindsey and Linda,

Anne’s Mom here – just wanted to let you know how very pleased we were with all you did. I have had many many comments on how awesome the venue was as well as the food – most were “I have never had food or wine this good at a wedding or a more beautiful place” (and there were lots of GA BB&T people there). We could not have been happier. Thanks again for a perfect wedding experience! You made it so easy.

Laura C.

It truly was the best weekend of our lives …

Dear Lindsey,

Adam and I cannot stop smiling after our AMAZING wedding at Wolf Mountain. All of our guests have commented on how beautiful and unique the venue is at Wolf Mountain, how delicious the food and wine are and how professional you and Linda were throughout the entire experience. Adam and I both had a blast; it was truly a magical weekend. I thought it was the best wedding I have ever been to but know I am biased. However, many of our guests have echoed these sentiments.

It truly was the best weekend of our lives and so much of that is because of you and the excellent customer service we received at the vineyard. We will treasure the memories forever and you will always have our vote as the best wedding venue in the Atlanta metro area. Our pictures are stunning and our guests were truly wowed.

About 70% of our guests were from out-of-state and we really wanted the experience for them to be worth all of their travel and it certainly was. I have been to so many weddings where the planners bark at people and you and Linda executed your roles gracefully with seamless professionalism when I am sure it was like herding cats at times J Thanks for everything. I am happy to offer pictures or quotes should you want any for marketing purposes.

Wolf Mountain will always have a special place in our hearts!

With warm regards,
Christi Boyes Tillery